what's up??

26 Jun '10 jester's journal update:

currently working at:
-developing original body proportion style
-finishing unfinished arts

-Instrumental jazzy music with slight Erik Satie's Gymnopedie notes on it :D
-refining old midi music
-Sword of August
-Eternal Grace

mood: geeky :-B

Dec 13, 2010

linking test



Aug 14, 2010

sketch flood!!

-wildhair- made by today, some minutes ago, just a thought about a tomboy with natural essence
-checkers knight- some armor exercise and new chibi scale
-firework- random thoughts brought this pic to the planet
-bandages- some lecherous thoughts from a bandage fetishist are enough to make this pic
-rabbtewater- bikini+bunny+underwater+abstract, i need to practice buttocks
-pain- again, some gratification of painful expression fetishist, purposely an exercise at first